The Luminos Fund is dedicated to ensuring children denied the chance to learn by conflict, poverty, or discrimination get access to a quality education.
We are a private donor philanthropic fund designed to unlock the light in every child through education.
We combine the rigor and discipline of the investment world with the purpose and passion of the philanthropic sector to optimize impact.
Join us in this mission to get kids back to school.
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Our Impact

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children brought back to school


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of Second Chance students have returned to mainstream schooling



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Meet Sheto

It only requires a very small seed fund of around $15 - $25 for women to be able to start their own businesses and grow them relatively quickly to create a wider community impact.

In Morecho District, Sheto's son Baraket finished Second Chance last year. Sheto runs a coffee shop, which she opened six months ago with a seed fund from Luminos of 380 Birr. She says, ‘Our lifestyle has definitely improved since starting my own business. Before this my son had no opportunity and his life would have been very difficult. Now he wants to be a doctor. Before this opportunity, none of my children went to school. Now, they all go. I also have two children living with me who help with the business and I give them food and board in return. Now I am able to share my good fortune with others. Eventually I would like to run a general store.’

Women who have been running their businesses for a while now send all of their children to school. In contrast, women and children just joining the project often have all their children at home apart from the one enrolled in the Second Chance program.

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