The Luminos Fund is dedicated to ensuring children denied the chance to learn by conflict, poverty, or discrimination get access to a quality education.
We are a private donor philanthropic fund designed to unlock the light in every child through education.
We combine the rigor and discipline of the investment world with the purpose and passion of the philanthropic sector to optimize impact.
Join us in this mission to get kids back to school.
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Our Impact

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number of Second Chance schools


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children brought back to school


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no. teachers and facilitators trained


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mothers in parental engagement groups


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of Second Chance students have returned to mainstream schooling



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Meet Bintou

"I love school. I thought I would never go to school because it is very expensive and it is too far away. Before Speed School, there was no school in our village. I also have to participate in home duties but now that I go to school, I have fewer duties."

In the village of Sugula, the community is very proud of their school and even prouder to have their children attend. The Second Chance school resembles a typical one-room classroom in Ethiopia: red mud walls, thatched roof, and open door to let light in. But unlike traditional government schools, Second Chance students learn through games, songs, and interactive lessons. The teachers keep students engaged and focused through a variety of activities, and several parents even sit in on classes to participate in lessons.

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