The Luminos Fund is dedicated to ensuring children denied the chance to learn by conflict, poverty, or discrimination get access to a quality education.
We are a private donor philanthropic fund designed to unlock the light in every child through education.
We combine the rigor and discipline of the investment world with the purpose and passion of the philanthropic sector to optimize impact.
Join us in this mission to get kids back to school.
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Our Impact

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number of Second Chance schools


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children brought back to school


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no. teachers and facilitators trained


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mothers in parental engagement groups


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of Second Chance students have returned to mainstream schooling



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Meet Meselech

Parents of out-of-school children have the same hopes for their children as we do. They want them to be able to afford to feed a family and to be able to get medical help if they are sick. They hope that the next generation will achieve more than their own.

Meselech and Markos live with their children in Aleta Chuko. They work on their land, which provides all their food. They also sell some crops to buy sugar and salt. Meselech and her family’s lives have improved considerably since her daughter Selamaw took part in the Second Chance program. Meselech says, ‘My daughter’s behavior has changed since she went to school. Selamaw studies at home and can now write the family’s names. She has exercise books, a pen, a pencil, and a razor for sharpening the pencil. She has textbooks for the first time. My daughter will definitely go on to the government school when she finishes the Second Chance program. I have saved 55 Birr and when I get my seed fund I want to sell crops and make flour to sell at market.’

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