The Luminos Fund is dedicated to ensuring children denied the chance to learn by conflict, poverty, or discrimination get access to a quality education.
We are a private donor philanthropic fund designed to unlock the light in every child through education.
We combine the rigor and discipline of the investment world with the purpose and passion of the philanthropic sector to optimize impact.
Join us in this mission to get kids back to school.
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Our Impact

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number of Second Chance schools


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children brought back to school


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no. teachers and facilitators trained


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mothers in parental engagement groups


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of Second Chance students have returned to mainstream schooling



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Meet Wogene

"These children are from my community and are like my brothers and sisters, and I want to help them."

Wogene became a volunteer to help out-of-school children. His classroom looks and sounds very different from the government classrooms. Colorful posters adorn the mud walls and hang from the thatched roof. Children's voices sing the Amharic alphabet and practice counting. In contrast, government schools often pack 70 or more children in a classroom, and students spend more time copying text from the blackboard than interacting with the teacher. Second Chance facilitators are trained to use resources from the community to create lessons; one has even designed her own science curriculum.

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