"Education is the ultimate development accelerator that changes the destinies of children and their communities."
Alan McCormick, Legatum Foundation


The Luminos Fund is founded on a core belief in the power of private philanthropy to drive real innovation in global education. The transformational power of giving is our touchstone, and we are inspired by the authentic, human connection which can come from the best forms of philanthropy.

At the Luminos Fund, we’re helping children—especially those affected by poverty, conflict, and discrimination—get back to learning. Through our network of partners, we run accelerated learning programs that help children gain the equivalent of three years of education in the space of just one year. The results have been fantastic. We’ve helped educate over 100,000 children, and 96% of students successfully transitioned into mainstream schooling upon graduation. That’s great, but we need to significantly scale up our reach if we ever hope to get the world’s 120 million out-of-school children back to learning. That’s where you come in.

Did you know that you and nine friends can radically improve the lives of children in Africa by each investing just $25 a month in their education?

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