Back to School Heroes

Globally, 258 million children are out of school due to poverty, conflict, and discrimination. When given a second chance at education, these children thrive, dream big, and share their knowledge.

To date, the Luminos Fund has helped 120,834 out-of-school children get a second chance at a good education. In just 10 months, we deliver rich, holistic learning to children in some of the poorest corners in the world, enabling them to catch up to grade level, gain confidence, and shine their light into the world. Over 90% of our students then transition to mainstream schools.

Here are some of our heroes, below. Click the photos to learn about these boys’ and girls’ experiences entering school — and their dreams for the future.

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+1 781 333 8317

The Luminos Fund is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charitable organization registered in the United States (EIN 36-4817073).

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