The Luminos Fund is proud to share our 2023 Annual Report.

With one in five children in Sub-Saharan Africa out of school, Luminos’ mission to ensure all children gain the foundational learning skills necessary to catch up and thrive has never been more important. This is especially true for the most marginalized children.

With your support, the Luminos Fund reached 59,069 out-of-school children in the 2023-24 school year — our largest annual reach. To date, Luminos has helped more than a quarter of a million children experience joyful, foundational learning.


total children provided a second chance at education

“Because I’m getting an education, I can read words and do math like addition and subtraction. This makes me proud of going to school.”

Leul, Luminos student in Ethiopia

2023 was an incredible year thanks to your support. We continued to expand across all our country programs, including relaunching our program in Tigray, Ethiopia to serve children who missed out on over three years of learning due to a devastating conflict. Results from a key new study by IDinsight in Liberia proved that children in Luminos classrooms make dramatic learning gains. Luminos classrooms in Lebanon continued to remain a lifeline for children’s learning. Through close partnerships with government, we launched our newly developed accelerated learning curriculum in The Gambia as well as supplemental teaching and learning materials in Ghana. In sum, Luminos developed over 5,000 pages of teaching and learning materials in 2023 to better support our students and teachers.

Step Inside a Luminos Classroom

Explore elements of the Luminos program through the interactive illustration below! Hover over the numbers to learn more about our program.

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Serving the Most Vulnerable

Luminos serves out-of-school children aged 8-14, including both girls and boys in relatively equal numbers. We reach the most marginalized communities with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, where 1 in 5 children is out of school.


Joyful, Activity-Based Learning

Lessons are joyful, inclusive, engaging, and interactive, incorporating local learning materials, games, songs, and stories throughout the day.


Small Class Sizes

With 25-30 students per class, Luminos classrooms are small in contrast to regional norms of 50-60.


Engaging Families

Parents play an important role in their child’s learning journey. Luminos invites parents into our classrooms and organizes monthly meetings so they can share in the joy of their children’s progress.


Foundational Learning

The Luminos program focuses on building foundational reading, writing, and math skills through a structured pedagogy emphasizing phonics.


Intensive, Accelerated Timeline

The Luminos program typically runs five days a week for 10 months, covering grades 1-3.


Meeting Students Where They Are

Teachers are equipped with simple assessment tools to track and respond to their students’ learning levels, ensuring all students are making good progress.


Community Teachers

Luminos trains local, high-potential young adults to become community teachers and provides regular feedback and coaching throughout the year.


Community Partners

Luminos partners with community-based organizations to co-create and co-implement our programs.



Through weekly student assessments, skilled classroom observation, and external evaluations, Luminos continuously tracks learning progress and provides additional support as needed.


Government Partners

Luminos partners with ministries of education to strengthen education systems and build capacity to deliver our program at scale.



Over 90% of Luminos students advance into local government schools, joining their peers.

​Meet Luminos Students and Teachers

Our students, teachers, and the communities that surround them are overcoming daunting obstacles to achieve incredible things. In the 2023 Annual Report, we feature the voices of students from across our country programs who have achieved remarkable learning gains.

They include students like Annie in Liberia, who started the Luminos program unable to identify letters and ended the school year as a “super reader” in the words of her teacher. Annie’s progress illustrates the remarkable learning gains  in Luminos’ Liberia program, as demonstrated in IDinsight’s randomized controlled trial results.

You’ll also meet Haftom, a Luminos student in Tigray, Ethiopia who is catching up on years of learning lost to conflict and gaining confidence in a joyful Luminos classroom. In Tigray, where war devastated the region and disrupted education for millions of children, our program includes trauma-healing, an emphasis on socio-emotional learning, and midday meals to address the significant food insecurity.

In addition, you’ll meet Gifty, a Luminos teacher in Ghana who is achieving her dream of helping out-of-school children in her community. Supported by the Luminos program’s ongoing training, coaching, and structured pedagogy, Gifty is transforming the lives of her students by building their foundational reading, writing, and math skills, as well as their sense of identity and self-belief.

We are honored to share their inspiring stories and more in the 2023 Annual Report.

Thank you for supporting our work. Together, we can ensure all children have equal access to joyful, foundational learning.

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