HundrED has been searching the world for 100 of the most inspiring innovations in education currently being employed in 2017, and selected the Luminos Fund’s Speed School program as one of their honorees. The announcement was made this week at the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki, where CEO Caitlin Baron presented the program alongside other innovators.

Innovations were selected through HundrED’s own in-house research team, as well as through their advisory boards made up of experts in education. Student advisory boards were also consulted in order to make sure young people had their voices heard too. Educational practices had to meet the criteria of being innovative, impactful, and scalable. To make sure HundrED’s findings are correct, the research team focused on finding out whether innovations produced tangible results, whether they addressed a need in an innovative and meaningful way, and whether the idea could grow to help others elsewhere in the world.

HundrED packages their findings in a way that makes it easier for teachers, students, parents, policymakers and thought leaders to find out about the latest developments in education, and to make it as easy as possible to implement similar ideas wherever they are in the world. HundrED will continue to research into innovations in education and will continually update their findings.

The core goal of HundrED is to help good practices in education spread, as education is the key to a happy and healthy future. HundrED hopes to inspire people in education all over the world to improve education where they are. HundrED’s findings are always shared with the world for free.

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