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At Luminos, our vision is a world where no child is ever denied the chance to learn. While our core focus is our award-winning Second Chance program (e.g. helping vulnerable children experience joyful learning and learn to read), the Luminos Fund is also working across the education sector at-large by bringing together diverse players in the education space and sharing their insights with the world. We believe we are all stronger together, and that we each have a wealth of experience to share. 

Through our mission, we are working to help the world achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” See below for a collection of our own research in the field to ensure we are pursuing the best approach.

Current Series:

A multi-week video series featuring interviews with education leaders from across government, the private sector, and civil society. Each week we’ll be featuring two new guest speakers, bringing their past experience to bear on the current COVID-19 crisis.

Featured by the Center for Global Development

The “Diaries from the Frontline” series examines which children are most at risk of being left behind after the COVID-19 crisis, and how education organizations like the Luminos Fund are pivoting to respond.

Read the first installment of the series >

Previous Events

Webinar: What the return to school after Hurricane Katrina and the Ebola epidemic can teach us in the current moment

The September 2020 launch event of the “Education Leadership Through Crisis,” video series featured a panel of education leaders including Neerav Kingsland, George Werner, and Dr. Rebecca Winthrop. Mubuso Zamchiya, Managing Director of the Luminos Fund hosted the conversation.

Dynamic Philanthropy: A Remedy for the Global Learning Crisis

Luminos hosted an intimate conversation with the leaders of Cartier Philanthropy, Dubai Cares, Legatum Group, and UBS Optimus Foundation during the 2019  United Nations General Assembly week.

International Education Funders Group (IEFG) Bi-Annual Meeting

In November 2019, the Luminos Fund hosted the bi-annual meeting of the International Education Funders Group (IEFG), a learning and collaborative network. The event took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Mubuso Zamichya, Luminos’s Managing Director, giving a plenary address.

Key External Evaluations & Studies

2018 Longitudinal Study (Summary)

(University of Sussex)

The most recent longitudinal study released in 2018 by the University of Sussex Centre for International Education tracked 625 children who participated in Luminos’ 10-month Second Chance program in 2011, completed it, and then transitioned to government schools. Their progress was compared against 1,250 government students. 

Read the full study

2019 Sussex Liberia Evaluation

(University of Sussex)

Findings from an extensive qualitative evaluation in 2019, funded by Dubai Cares, of the quality of the teaching and learning in the Second Chance program for out of school children in Liberia, itself funded and managed by the Luminos Fund, Liberia.

Learning Through Play

(International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research)

In 2017, Dr. Susan Rauchwerk, Associate Professor at Lesley University, authored a full analysis of the elements of play in the Second Chance pedagogy and their positive impact on students’ learning, drawing from a broader program evaluation conducted by the University of Sussex.

2016 Sussex Pedagogical Review

(University of Sussex)

Research into the Second Chance (also known as Speed School) pedagogy covers a wide range of schools and teachers. The review found that in the hands of motivated and creative teachers, the Second Chance pedagogy succeeds in getting out of school children to learn with enjoyment and demonstrate an aptitude for deep learning that traditional teaching approaches find more difficult to achieve.

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