Joyful Learning

Across the world, the unimaginable is happening. Play is disappearing from classrooms and from the learning experience for most children. From early childhood through to secondary school, millions of children experience an unnatural education where the essential practice of play is completely dislocated from the learning process.

We believe that play is both foundational and fundamental to learning, and we’re working to ensure all children–even those at the margins of the education system–have the opportunity to learn through play.

“A pedagogy of play is central to the Second Chance curriculum as they move through grade levels in months rather than years.”

Dr. Susan Rauchwerk

“The whole experience over the ten months creates learners who are not only reflexive but autonomous and resilient, having learnt how to learn.”

– University of Sussex

“We were learning like playing and the things we learned as play have remained inside us like heritage.”

Female Second Chance Student

“Play is essential to the success of the Second Chance model, providing a framework for cohesive learning experiences.”

– Dr. Susan Rauchwerk

“When there are other children to play with and adults who can encourage and guide children to play with each other, play inspires and even drives learning.”

– Dr. Susan Rauchwerk

Children are experts at play…Second Chance takes advantage of this innate skill, helping students become active, independent learners.”

– Dr. Susan Rauchwerk

BIn 2017, Dr. Susan Rauchwerk, Associate Professor at Lesley University, authored a full analysis of the elements of play in the Speed School pedagogy and their positive impact on students’ learning, drawing from a broader program evaluation conducted by the University of Sussex. Published in the International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Researchthe article states

“In [Second Chance], play is a platform for communication between teachers and students where teachers actively draw upon students’ life experiences and promote an environment where students feel safe and supported, ultimately leading to positive student outcomes. Play provides a pedagogical framework that shapes both the social structure and content delivery within the [Second Chance] classroom. Classrooms are interactive, and learning is a process rather than an outcome.”

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