Our Approach

The Luminos program, also known as Second Chance, is an accelerated learning program that helps children catch up to grade level, reintegrate into government schools, and prepare for lifelong learning.

In each of our countries of operation, Luminos brings a holistic approach: working in partnership with community-based organizations to co-create country-specific curricula and implement the program.

To date, Luminos catch-up education programs have enabled over 172,957 out-of-school children to get back to school.

The Luminos Fund is currently working in Ethiopia, Ghana, Lebanon, Liberia, and The Gambia.

How The Model Works

Luminos employs an intensive, child-centered approach to reach the most marginalized populations — children denied an education due to crisis, poverty, or discrimination.

Community Mobilization

  • Student Recruitment: We work with the hardest-to-reach communities and identify out-of-school children ages 8-14
  • Parent Engagement: We partner with parents to support their children’s learning throughout the program life cycle
  • Teacher Training: We recruit and train high-potential local young adults to become Luminos teachers

Joyful Learning

  • Classrooms: Luminos classes of 25-30 students run five days a week for 10 months, covering the first three grades of school
  • Joyful Learning: Learning is student- centered, incorporating a variety of games and activities with local learning materials and stories
  • Ongoing Assessment: Teachers test students’ comprehension and learning on a weekly basis, and support students who need extra help
  • Supervision & Coaching: Supervisors regularly visit classrooms, providing feedback and coaching to teachers

Transition to Government Schools

Over 90% of our students advance into government schools after the program, joining their peers.

“Programs like Second Chance give students an “a-ha” moment: the light bulb goes on. Coming out of a crisis like COVID or Ebola, there’s a high risk that many children won’t return to school. Second Chance plays a key role engaging communities and helping children catch up on learning gaps.”

Gbovadeh Gbilia

Former Head of the Education Delivery Unit at Liberia’s Ministry of Education and Vice-Chair of UNESCO’s Education Commission

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The Luminos Fund is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charitable organization registered in the United States (EIN 36-4817073).

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