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The Luminos Fund has a locally led approach to ensure the successful delivery of our education programs, driven by partnerships with governments, community-based organizations, leading researchers and evaluators, and consultants where we work.

“The rate at which Luminos students are performing is exceptional… I want to applaud Luminos Fund for the tremendous work being done in improving results in education in Liberia.”

Minister Tarnue Marwolo Bongolee
Assistant Minister for Student Personnel Services, Liberia


From advising on national education policies, to supporting research, to building government capacity to implement Luminos programs within government school systems—Luminos works in close partnership with ministries of education in each of our countries of operation. Though these partnerships vary from country to country, all our government collaborations emphasize strengthening education systems, sharing best practices, prioritizing shared goals, and building capacity to bring joyful, transformative learning to millions of vulnerable children.

Community-Based Organizations

Frontline community-based organizations are fundamental to Luminos’ model. We partner with community-based organizations to co-create and deliver our country-specific programs. Our program is about two-thirds the same everywhere, but a critical third of the model is developed at the country level, together with our partners.

Ethiopia Partners

  • African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
  • Emmanuel Development Association (EDA)
  • Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus – North Area Work (EECMY-NAW)
  • Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus- Development & Social Service Commission – South Area Work (EECMY-DASSC)
  • Hope for Children in Ethiopia Relief and Development Association (HCE-RDA)
  • Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization (ISHDO)
  • Operation Rescue Ethiopia (ORE)
  • Positive Action for Development (PAD)
  • Ratson: Women, Youth, and Children Development Program (RATSON)
  • Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL Ethiopia)
  • Tigray Development Association (TDA)
  • Wolaita Development Association (WoDA)

    Ghana Partners

    • Link Community Development
    • School for Life


    Lebanon Partners

    • Ana Aqra Association
    • Basmeh & Zeitooneh

    Liberia Partners

    • Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP)
    • Liberia Institute for the Promotion of Academic Excellence (LIPACE)
    • Restoring Our Children’s Hope (ROCH)
    • Special Emergency Activity to Restore Children’s Hope (SEARCH)

    The Gambia Partners

    • Effective Intervention
    • Future in Our Hands, The Gambia

      “Working with Luminos defines the true essence of collaboration and partnership. Our context-driven knowledge of the issues is always valued by the Luminos team. The openness and strong commitment to integrating feedback makes this partnership so worthwhile.

      The impact of the Luminos project cannot be quantified. It is beyond the number of students that transitioned to public schools. For us at LIPACE, the real impact is in the families and community of people that appreciates the value of education as a key to improving their livelihoods. There’s nothing more transformative than watching a child holding a pencil for the first time at age 12 only to complete primary school four years later. It’s been an inspiring journey.”

      Benjamin M. Freeman Jr.
      Executive Director, Liberia Institute for the Promotion of Academic Excellence (LIPACE)

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