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The war in Syria has wrought immense suffering on children and their families, with 6 million people displaced from their homes within Syria, and another 4.8 million struggling as refugees in the region. One quarter of Lebanon’s population is now estimated to be Syrian refugees, with one million children now seeking places to continue to go to school (UNICEF).

The Lebanese government has taken the extraordinary step of committing to enroll all Syrian refugee children in their public school system. As positive as the policy environment might be, the reality at school level is that there are still numerous barriers to access, from academic under-preparedness to discrimination. Currently only half of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are attending formal school.


Registered refugees in Lebanon


Registered refugees under the age of 18


Estimated unregistered refugees


Registered out-of-school refugees

Barriers to Learning

Child Labor

Being forced to work / Working

Refugee status

Fleeing conflict

Learning environment

Struggling to learn


Being poor

What We’re Doing

Building on our experience with out-of-school children, Luminos developed a Back to School program to help refugee children restart their education. Many students have been out of school for years, and all of them are learning in English and French for the first time, the standard languages of instruction in Lebanon. The Back to School program is an opportunity for refugees to catch up to grade level and prepare to assimilate into Lebanese classrooms. As part of the curriculum, our students create drawings to remember their homeland and to begin to come to terms with the trauma they have seen. Our program continues to support refugees after they transition into Lebanese schools—both academically and emotionally—and advocates on their behalf when discrimination and poverty pose barriers.

“I have never been to school before. This is my first time. I never miss a day.”

Meet Yasmin


Children reached with Back-to-School programs


Teachers trained


Of students are girls


Average student age

Cumulative Program Results


Implementing Partners

  • Ana Aqra Association
  • Basmeh & Zeitooneh
  • The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission

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