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In just 10 months, Luminos students progress from not recognizing letters of the alphabet to reading short stories. Below is a summary of our results to date, followed by a study on Luminos’ long-term impact.

Children brought back to school


Female students

Teachers trained


Of students advance to mainstream schools


Of students are still in mainstream schools after 12 months


Luminos students are twice as likely to complete primary school than their peers

Indirect beneficiaries


(2022-23 school year)

Long-Term Impact

Since 2011, we have commissioned a series of external evaluations by the University of Sussex Centre for International Education to understand how effectively our Second Chance program addresses the learning needs of out-of-school children. The most recent longitudinal study released in 2018 tracked 625 children who participated in Luminos’ 10-month Second Chance program in 2011, completed it, and then transitioned to government schools. Their progress was compared against 1,250 government students. 

The study had some profound findings.

It shows that the Luminos Second Chance program has a long-term impact. Even six years after completing the program and transitioning into mainstream government schooling, Luminos children continue to fare better than their government counterparts.

Read a summary of the longitudinal study

The full report and additional Second Chance evaluations from the University of Sussex are available on the Education Insights page.

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