Luminos in Ghana

To date, the Luminos Fund has served 6,017 formerly out-of-school children in Ghana.

The Beginning

In late October 2021, Chief Director Mr. Benjamin Kwasi Gyasi, representing the Ghanaian Ministry of Education, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with former Senior Director of Programs Angie Thadani, representing the Luminos Fund.

The Ministry of Education has endorsed the launch of Luminos’ catch-up education program for 1,500 out-of-school children in the Ashanti region in March 2022.

Where We Work

The Ashanti region has the second largest population of primary-school-aged out-of-school children in the country but has received little support historically.

Child labor in the cocoa sector, in addition to many other socio-economic factors, has kept many children out of school. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation.

As the prevalence of out-of-school children continues to grow in the country, Luminos’ mission has never been more relevant.

Over the course of our nine-month program, Luminos is supporting vulnerable children between the ages of 8 and 14 to learn to read, write, and do math, and then to transition into third or fourth grade at a local government school.

Meet Our Partners

Luminos is partnering with two local organizations to support the delivery of our program:

School for Life: a Ghanaian NGO with extensive experience running national accelerated education classrooms in Ghana.

Link Community Development: an expert in community empowerment who has been working in the Ashanti region for over a decade.

February 2022

In early February 2022, the Luminos Fund and its partner School for Life delivered an intensive five-day training of trainers workshop (pictured at right).

Ministry of Education officials and program staff from Luminos’ partner organizations delivered training to the 63 teachers who oversaw our classrooms in Year 1.

We hire local young adults from the community to teach in our classrooms, and their training in the accelerated learning curriculum and play-based pedagogy is critical to ensure that all children gain foundational literacy and numeracy skills through joyful learning.

March 2022:

Program Launch!

On March 8, 2022, Luminos officially launched classrooms serving 1,500 formerly out-of-school children in Ghana and is scaling to serve thousands more in the years ahead.

In celebration, we held “Open Day” events in two communities. Pictured to the left are highlights from our event in the community of Bosome Freho.

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