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Luminos in Ghana

Since 2021, Luminos has worked with community-based organizations and the government of Ghana to launch and scale our catch-up education program, reaching more than 6,017 out-of-school children.

Meet Nyeniba, a Luminos student in Ghana:

Ghana at a Glance

In the past decade, the government of Ghana has made significant progress towards improving access to education. Nevertheless, UNESCO estimates that over 958,300 primary-school-aged children are still out of school.

Child labor in the cocoa sector is a significant barrier that prevents students from going to school and learning, often driven by the economic hardships facing families. The Ashanti region, where Luminos launched its program in 2022, is one of the leading agricultural regions in Ghana and is particularly impacted by child labor.

Map showing the country of Liberia, located in West Africa.

What We Do in Ghana

In Ghana, Luminos is building on the country’s national accelerated learning curriculum and program, known as Complementary Basic Education (CBE), while drawing on our extensive experience delivering education programs across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our program is designed to equip out-of-school children with foundational literacy and numeracy skills and then transition them into government schools after one school year. 

Following our launch of 60 Luminos classrooms in the Ashanti region in March 2022, we have supported more than 6,017 students to date.

We have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ghana’s Ministry of Education, and we work in partnership with them to ensure that the most vulnerable children get a second chance at education.

The 2023-2024 School Year




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Meet our Ghana Team

“I believe every child has the potential to thrive in a supportive environment—creating this environment is where our individual and collective efforts come in.”

Senyo Tettegah, Ghana Country Manager

Our Community Partners

Frontline community-based organizations (CBOs) play a pivotal role in the success of the Luminos program in Ghana. These CBOs are responsible for delivering the program while working closely with parents and teachers to ensure that our efforts are tailored to the unique needs of Ghanaian communities. Moreover, CBOs play a crucial role in the continuous monitoring of the program, contributing to enhanced learning outcomes for students. In Ghana, Luminos works with the Ministry of Education and the following CBOs to deliver our program:

“Luminos knows that we have expertise on many things and they listen to that expertise. When we raise challenges with them, we work together on how best to address those challenges and build upon our knowledge and theirs. They do not treat any situation like it is rigid and can only be fixed in one way.”

Kirk Anderson
Executive Director, Link Community Development

Link Community Development (LCD)

Close-up of Luminos Liberia student writing

School for Life (SfL)

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